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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Tank Rental/Maintanence Fee?


   Great Gas & Oil Company provides a propane tank for our customers’ use and as owners of the tank(s), we are responsible for any maintenance required.  If the tank ever needs repair or replacement, we do that at no additional charge to the customer. The rental fee helps offset our costs associated with tank maintenance and recertification.



What is a Pick Up Fee?


   The Pick Up Fee partially offsets the cost of labor and materials involved in picking up the tank upon termination of service.


What is a Leak Test Fee?


   This fee may be charged to partially offset the cost of labor and/or equipment involved to conduct a leak test. Leak tests are required when there is a disconnection, new service is installed, or when a leak is suspected.


What is a Diagnostic/Service Call Fee?


   This fee includes the first hour onsite and represents the minimum charge for a service technician to respond to your service call and diagnose the problem on your unit.


What is an Installation Fee?


   This fee may be charged to help partially offset the cost of labor and materials needed to install a propane system at your home. This may include gas line, propane tank and regulators.


What is a Finance Charge?


   This charge is assessed when a customer does not pay a bill within the agreed upon credit terms.





What should I do if I smell propane?


    Call our office or emergency number immediately. If safe to do so, turn the gas off at the tank. We will dispatch a service technician to your home.


My pilot went out, does this mean I'm out of propane?


    Running out of propane can be the cause of your pilot going out but there are other reasons as well. Those reasons could be related to the appliance. If your pilot has gone out, check the gauge on your tank (if your tank is equipped with one) and see if it states you're out of propane. If it states you still have propane in the tank, you may need a service appointment.


How often is my tank refilled?


    Our routes typically run every four to six weeks, however, the frequency in which each customer is filled is based on each customers individual usage.


How long does it take to get a service appointment?


    Service appointments are usually scheduled within 3 business days, however, during the winter season it can take longer depending on weather.


How do I read the gauge on my tank?


    On your gauge, 80% represents full. The reason for this is because we must leave room in the tank for expansion.