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sassifas flinthill2 fyreside

24" Refractory Super Sassafras

Remote Ready - $900.00

Electronic Ignition - $1,250.00


24" Flint Hill

Remote Ready - $525.00


24" Fyreside Live Oak

Remote Ready - $550.00

(Remote Included)

Gas log sets are wonderful to have for supplemental heat, in case of power outage, or just for ambiance. These sets can go directly into an existing fireplace or into a firebox. With a variety of styles and accessory options available, there is something for everyone.


You can purchase one of the gas log sets "remote ready" if you're uncertain on whether a remote is something you may want. With this set, you always have the option to add it later.


If you want your logs to have all the latest technology, you can purchase the "electronic ignition" set. This will allow you to light your pilot, adjust flame height and turn the burner on and off with your remote control.


Call our office today to inquire about getting a set installed in your home!


**Additional sizes may be available, prices vary.

**Special order items may require deposit.

Gas Log Sets


24" HM2 Regular Oak

Remote Ready - $700.00

Electronic Ignition - $1,000.00

whiskeyriver empire-ponderosa-logs-display

24" Whiskey River

Remote Ready - $625.00

24" Ponderosa

Remote Ready - $900.00

Electronic Ignition  $1250.00